Running a Mobile Car Wash in Arizona

Before retirement, I had franchised mobile car washing units in 23 states, and we had four major franchisees in Arizona under a master franchise, along with five smaller franchisees in areas which were outside of the larger territory in and around the Greater Phoenix area. Indeed, I could say I learned a lot about running an auto detailing company or mobile car wash houston tx in that state, and I’d like to share a few of my insights with you if I might.

Obviously, one of the hardships in Arizona is washing and detailing vehicles outside in the summertime. In many places 115-degree days are the norm during the heat of the summer. It is very difficult to work outside doing this type of strenuous activity, attempting to clean 30 to 60 cars per day, and also squeeze in a few details. Yes, it can be done with an athletic crew, as long as each worker is drinking one-and-a-half to 2 gallons a day of water during the work day. Of course, that means the crew is sweating it out all the time, and your clothes are drenched, which makes it difficult when washing and drying cars, not to mention waxing.

Nevertheless, it can all be done, and if operators are wise they will use a polymer solvent type wax which dries very quickly and can be used to direct sunlight – that type of wax is easy to put on, and very easy to get off. The spring, winter, and fall are absolutely great seasons to clean cars in Arizona, and there is an abundance of business, although there are some weeks where it rains for the entire week.

Perhaps the most interesting challenge in Arizona are the gigantic dust storms. On one hand they wreak havoc, and you just have to shut down until they pass, but on the other hand it rains mud, and totally makes every single car dirty. Meaning you could be busy for weeks, after just one of those freakish storms.

Not every area in Arizona is a solid market for clean vehicles. There are fairly good cities which are middle class, but there are also a number of poor areas, and the business isn’t that good. Places like Oro Valley outside of Tucson are excellent, as well as Flagstaff, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale, and the Goodyear area. The labor supply is quite good, and plenty of people want jobs, and do quite well with very little training, some of them even have some car washing and auto detailing experience, which makes it very nice.

Right now, the economy is still recovering as they were hit very hard after the housing crash. But there is still plenty of business, and despite unemployment figures the office parks and corporations have plenty of employees who want cars washed while they work. I can recommend this type of business for Arizona for someone who is unemployed, wants to start a small business, and make a little extra money. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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