It’s Summer Break – Clean the School Now UAE!

School is almost out – students are already anticipating the weeks they can spend on purely playing, enjoying, and just having fun with family and friends. Even teachers are waiting for this moment but the staffs, however, would actually think this is the perfect moment for them to clean the entire school! Even the school’s management would want to hire a cleaning company in Sharjah or Dubai to help in cleaning the whole school grounds.

The halls and corridors will soon be empty, there will be no more busy school activities, and almost everyone will be home, indulging with the short time summer has to offer. Before the next school year starts, make sure that the school will reopen with a proud new allure and look.

This checklist will help you in knowing which parts of the school need more attention and what you should do to achieve a spotless environment before the students come back for the next school year.


Since everyone uses the floor every day, this might be the part that needs more attention. You need to clean, wax, and scrub the gym floors, hallways, and corridors. The floor of classrooms, offices, cafeterias, and lounges need to be empty of furniture first before cleaners can scrub the floors. When you clean the floors, take ample time in removing all items and wipe or wash them separately before you can put these items back.


Students put lots of things inside their lockers – bags, clothes, books, and sometimes, food. This leaves marks and foul smell inside the lockers – what you need to do is remove all the marks, the dried food, and all the messes inside. Disinfect the lockers; scrub it properly using a sanitizing solution to remove all the sticky messes inside.

Windows and Rooms

When you clean the windows, open it so that the natural light will be able to come in the room and so that you will be able to wipe and scrub it properly. Aside from the windows, plan on cleaning the tables, chairs, door handles, lighting fixtures, and all the other accessories and items you can find in each room.


Since it will still be Summer or Spring when the students come from their break, your HVAC system must be working properly when they arrive. You can ask the help of a maintenance company in Dubai to help you with this.


The most vital part of the school is the toilet. You have to make sure that it’s working properly and nothing is broken or damaged. Also, keep it sanitized and hygienic so that the students will be free from any kind of health risks.

Schools are too big to be cleaned solely by your staffs – you can hire a cleaning company and from which you can acquire professional cleaning services in Dubai. This will expedite the cleaning period and assure the intensity of the cleaning needed in each part of the room.



Schools are too big to be cleaned solely by your staffs – you can hire a cleaning company in Dubai who can help them expedite the tasks.

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