5 things to keep in mind while selecting your bathroom vanity

Are you bored of that old pedestal basin in your bathroom?

Are you looking forward to get some bathroom renovations and want to add some modern styled vanity to it?

Not sure how to select the best item in terms of the bathroom vanity?

If so, then here we are to tell you all that you need to know about the things to consider for the selection of the bathroom vanity and we are sure that you are going to find them helpful for you. It is very important to select the right vanity for the bathroom because if it is out of order and it does not fit perfectly, it is actually of not use and instead of making your bathroom look beautiful, it can make it appear congested or just ugly.

So let us get started with these tips.

  1. Think about size and take measurements

The first thing to think of is why you are changing the old vanity? Is it too small to fulfill your needs? Do you want a bigger one? How much space can you allocate to the vanity in new style? The best thing is to take the measurements of the space that you want to have for the vanity and then start shopping for the required one.

  1. Think about your needs

Now is the time to ask yourself what needs you want the vanity to fulfill for you and your family. What is the depth of the sink that is required for this bathroom? Do you want some other things attached to it as well? do you want one sink in the vanity or two? The two sinks options is always handy for the large families and it reduces the countertop space as well. so consider all these things before finalizing your vanity.

  1. Set your priority amongst space and maintenance

So what type of vanity would you like? The one that has easy storage or the one that is easier to maintain? There are the vanities that stand free and they offer more space in the bathrooms. Then there is the wall mounted and corner mounted ones, each offering different options for space and maintenance. So which one would you like to have on priority?

  1. Consider the existing plumbing

So where you want to place the vanity? Right there where the previous one was or to some new spot? Do you have the flexible plumbing that can offer you to choose a new place for your vanity? If not, then the plumber might have to work to fix the plumbing and it can affect your tiles as well.

  1. Consider the faucet

Remember that most of the vanities do not have the faucet coming with them. You have to purchase it separately. So consider the number of holes that the vanity is offering for the faucets as well.

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