How to create an industrial interior look!

During the 70’s recession a new interior design style was born, the industrial interior. With industries closing shop and turning their factories and warehouses into living spaces, people had to find a way to incorporate the exposed brickwork and old factory mechanisms in their new homes into fashionable interior decor.


Today, the interior industrial look has taken over. A lot of people are styling their homes with an industrial interior. Here is a guide to help you achieve that industrial interior look at your home needs.


Use mechanical details

Just like other interior designs, having a centerpiece is key to achieving that industrial interior look. If you are looking for inspiration for centerpieces such as vintage clocks, accent mirrors or accordion lights to display in your home you and help you achieve the industrial interior look Homesquare is your one-stop-shop.

Remember, the key is to expose the mechanics of such centerpieces to create the industrial appeal.

Art as a way of expressing yourself

Art plays an important role in interior design- bringing to life that seems dark and dull wall. To help you achieve the industrial look into your home, vintage posters, murals and old music records will do just that. Also, you can try brightening your room by painting the brick walls in your home with white paint as it goes well with most art pieces.

Reuse old products

You can achieve the industrial interior look for free by reusing old furnishings to give your interior that rustic and industrial allure. Charity shops and flea markets often boast of having cheap and unpolished high-quality products ideal for this style of interior design.

Accent your walls

Unlike other interior designs that use paint to accent walls, industrial interior look uses the exposed bricks and concrete walls. Cement boards a cheap way of achieving concrete interior finish for your home. Whitewashing exposed bricks give your house the brightness it deserves while giving you the option of changing it up when you need it.

Add accessories for your home

The industrial interior look fits well with old furnishings. Adding a clock to a brick wall is one way you can choose to accessorize your home. Other ways include adding a record player, retro phone set, or an industrial sewing machine to bring out the design.

Although old school furnishings are not being manufactured, companies like Homesquare have stocked their inventory with old school style furnishings. Customers can comfortably order for flush lighting which works well with brick walls or any other furnishing they feel will complete the industrial interior look for their homes.


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