A reminder that Electricity is essential

When it comes to functioning effectively in your day to day home life, I’m sure many would agree that ensuring that your electricity, appliances, and electronics are functioning correctly is essential. I was reminded of this when I woke up last week and discovered that the electricity in my home was working at all. I automatically assumed that there was an outage because I knew for a fact, I had paid the electricity bill but, but after scoping out the neighborhood, asking a few neighbors and calling the electricity company it seemed that the problem was on my end. Since I was a homeowner, I didn’t have the benefit of contacting like I was able to do when I lived in my apartment a few months ago. I had to find an electrician and I had to find one quickly. The food in my refrigerator was already defrosting and I was sticky from the summer heat. No electricity meant no air conditioner, I couldn’t use my laptop, watch TV or even charge my cell phone.

You can start an online search for any electrical contractors chicago il you will have a vast amount of results When you are spending your hard-earned money and you are inviting someone into your home to complete work for you it is imperative to ensure that they are going to be fair, prompt and professional. I knew that there were many people who did side jobs at lower prices and I wanted to be sure that the person or company chose to work with was certified. It was nearly impossible to decipher the right company or person to call so I decided to start at the top of a list of contractors that I found and work my way down.

The city of Chicago’s official site provided me with the name, address, phone number and license expiration date of all certified electricians in the Chicago area. With a little due diligence, I was able to find an electrician that could come out the same day, that had excellent reviews and that was willing to give me a free quote.

I only waited about an hour for the electrician to arrive and he made every step of the process easy for me. Once he identified the problem, he provided me with a quote and advised me that he could get started the same day if I wanted him to. I have to say that I was relieved and impressed by the service that I received and the plus side was the work turned out to be minor and didn’t cost much for the repairs to be done, but I think that selecting the right contractor had a lot to do with the outcome. Had I not done my research I may have ended up spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary fixes made by an unlicensed contractor.

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October 2020
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